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What Our Clients Say...

Customer satisfaction is key to the success in any business. We realize that our services directly affect the performance of the businesses we service and their customers. We take this very seriously and commit to providing excellent customer service to our customers and our customer's customers.

"Great job, great service, never disappointed"

Mike G.

"S.A.A. doesn't walk, they run!  They have fabulous service, always available even after hours.  They have helped me out in a pinch more times than I can count!"

Kim G.


"I love shipping with S.A.A. because I know my valuable freight will be safe and arrive on time. They always go above and beyond to offer support when I need it."

Jay E.


"All good news this AM.  Randy from S.A.A. called me twice last night and twice beginning at 6:00 a.m. today!  He just called again and we have an ETA of 10:00 a.m. if not sooner. Our guys are aware and are already on the road to meet them for the install.  What an OUTSTANDING Trucking Company and Customer Service&.the best I have seen.  They really care and a great partner."

a note sent to our Furniture Manufacturer customer regarding a delivery
Midwestern Office Furniture Dealership

"Just a quick note regarding the excellent service provided by SAA. They are one of the most responsive trucking companies I have ever dealt with. I received a call Friday from Randy, the owner, who set up everything with me and made sure all details were handled. He provided me with the truck driver's name and number later on when he called me with an update. He was very professional and obviously understood the importance of the delivery. I traded calls with the driver and he arrived on time at Primus, at 2:00 a.m. today. Randy called to follow up this morning.

I just wanted to pass along that the S.A.A. team was great to work with on this project and I appreciate the behind the scenes work to get this product to us on time!"

a note sent to our Furniture Manufacturer customer regarding a delivery
Southeatern Region Office Furniture Dealership


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